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Vishal Chandra
Jason M. Lemkin
Jason M. Lemkin, Managing Director @ Founder-VC. Co-founder/CEO at EchoSign (acq'd by Adobe),
29.8k ViewsUpvoted by Mike Townsend, Founder of HomeHero. Zing (acq. BigCommerce) & Flowtab previously. INTJ and Vadim Berman, CTO and co-founder of a startup that was acquired
Most Viewed Writer in Venture Capital with 600+ answers
Jason M. Lemkin
Jason M. Lemkin, CEO of EchoSign (acq'd by Adobe), NanoGram Devices (acq'd by GB)
21.2k ViewsUpvoted by Kartik Ayyar, Google Engineer, Tesla Fanboy and George Anders, I've been interviewing CEOs (plus a mix of their friends and detractors) for a long time.
John Beatty
John Beatty, co-founder and head of engineering at Clover.